Impact of Weather on School

Sometimes schools must be closed due to bad weather. Here are essential points for you to be aware of: 

  • When school is closed, the District communicates to families and employees in several ways:

    • Phone, text and email alerts sent to families

    • Social Media posts on the District & site pages

    • Message posted on the District website

    • Media notifications on all local TV stations

  • When winter conditions develop during the school day, District Administration monitors the situation to asses how to safely get students home from school.

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student in snow

How Putnam City Decides to Close School

There are many factors that go into these decisions and no two situations are alike. Our priority is always for our students to experience in-person learning. The District files a waiver with the State Department to allow us to count our school year by 1,080 hours instead of days. Because of our school schedules, our students are in class well beyond that minimum number of hours each year.

When we consider closing school because of weather, first and foremost we think about the safety of our students, faculty and staff. It must be safe for everyone to make it to and from school. We study current weather conditions and forecasts, relying heavily on the National Weather Service as they’re able to provide extremely detailed information for the many specific zip codes in our large District. Keep in mind that Putnam City encompasses over 42 square miles, so the weather conditions from one boundary to the other may not be exactly the same.

We also look at neighborhood road conditions for buses, sidewalks for our many students who walk to and from school each day and the condition of our school parking lots. We don’t want students or staff members slipping and falling on their way to or from our buildings. Our District Administration and Transportation Department also drive bus routes, starting as early as 3am, both in school buses and regular vehicles to see if conditions have changed overnight.

Because of our transfer students and faculty and staff who live outside the district, we also consult with other metro area districts to see what they’re planning. We also attempt to make the decision as early as possible in order to allow our families time to plan. We understand these complex decisions aren’t always popular, but our top priority will always be the safety of our students, faculty and staff.