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Every day counts: Be Present. Be Bold.
By attending school and being involved, students pave the way for a bolder future.

Shape your tomorrow, by being in school today.


Be Inspired

portrait of mike beckham

"My time in Putnam City schools had a huge impact on my life. I built friendships that have lasted for decades, and I developed a love for learning. It prepared me to be successful as an adult."

Mike Beckham
Simple Modern Founder and CEO
Putnam City Class of '98

“Dream big, reach for the stars, no one can take your education away from you. Putnam City North inspired me to follow MY dream of becoming a District Judge."

Honorable Heather Mendoza Coyle
Oklahoma County District Judge
Putnam City Class of '92

"Are you interested in something, anything?  Make sure you get a good foundation by coming to school, learning the basics and graduating!"

Alvan Adams
NBA All-Star
Putnam City Class of '72

Be a Partner

vinn diagram showing the relationship between district policy, school initiatives, and outreach communications

As seen in the diagram above, the districtwide attendance improvement strategy is in three components:

1.     Reestablishing the foundation by updating the District Policy, Regulations, and Procedures.
2.    Establishing innovative communications with teachers, staff, and families through our attendance marketing campaign- Be Present. Be Bold.
3.    The third component is already in action! Our amazing school administrators, teachers, and staff already have goals, initiatives, and prevention strategies in place in addition to the highly trained counselors for students, extraordinary extracurricular opportunities, and increased access to District transportation.

Be Motivated

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