Everyone wants children to feel safe at school. That's why state law, district policy and district educators treat bullying as a serious matter. To prevent bullying and make sure schools are safe and secure places for children to learn, parents and educators must share information and work together.

Bullying Policy

Bullying Form

Bullying Prevention Curriculum

Some people think of bullying as a middle school and high school issue. The truth is, bullying prevention efforts should start at the earliest level, and in Putnam City schools, it does.

In elementary schools, counselors use bullying prevention curriculum to teach students. Teachers receive training on how to recognize and deal with bullying. Some schools have students sign pledges not to bully. When bullying behavior is reduced, more students are ready to learn and there is less chance of students becoming alienated and angry.

Bullying Prevention Resources for Parents

Putnam City Schools works tirelessly to prevent any form of bullying in our schools.  The District provides the following resources if your student is impacted by or witnesses bullying.

If Your Child Is Being Bullied: EnglishPDF   SpanishPDF

If Your Child Is Bullying Others: EnglishPDF   SpanishPDF

If Your Child Witnesses Bullying: EnglishPDF   SpanishPDF

Our District Counseling Team is also available if families need additional resources. You may contact Counseling & Assessment Coordinator Sarah Tempest with any questions.

Bullying prevention education also goes to parents. Presentations are made at all schools every school year.

There is a great deal of information on the Internet. A good source is Stop Bullying website