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Construction of New Capps Middle School Continues

Construction of New Capps Middle School Continues

Stadium at Putnam City West Almost Complete

Stadium at Putnam City West Almost Complete

Graduates pose for a photo.

Since Putnam City was founded in 1914, about 67,000 students have graduated from district schools.

Fast Facts About Putnam City

56 different languages spoken by students at home
19,419 students
2500 elementary students take part in STEM classes
9.3 million in scholarships for seniors in 2018
3428 secondary students in athletics
21 different AP classes offered
3.55 million in student donations to cancer research
450 students in elementary orchestra programs
1400 certified employees
600 in school olympiad

District News

Putnam City to Induct Athletes into Hall of Fame

Putnam City Schools is proud to announce the first annual Putnam City Athletic Hall of Fame banquet inducting a host of athletes who have impacted sports on a global level, all of whom graduated from or coached for Putnam City Schools. Emcee Mick Cornett will honor the list of history-making athletes and coaches from Putnam City.

Putnam City’s Child Development Center Saves Money for Teachers

Putnam City Schools is offering a benefit that saves its teachers an estimated $4,000 a year and as an additional bonus brings them peace of mind. And even though the benefit is significant, it’s one that few other Oklahoma school districts provide: district-operated child care.

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What I like

"What I like about my leadership class is finding new and creative ways to serve my school and my community."

"What I like about my leadership class is the diversity we have, all the positive energy, and our willingness to help others."


"What I like about my leadership class is the life skills it teaches us as students. The class has taught me about improving myself and working to better the community. It teaches us about selflessness and accountability. It’s preparing us for life after high school and the challenges we will face."


"What I like about my leadership class at Putnam City High School is having the opportunity and ability to give back and get involved with the community. It allows me to see and learn from many different experiences and grow as a person with character."


"I love my leadership class at PC High because it has given me a sense of purpose. I feel myself growing and becoming a better version of myself by helping others. Helping other people is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world!"


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