a.        Communication is extremely important in the event of a crisis. The safety of your child and our staff is our number one priority, communication is our second. As soon as information becomes available and is verified for accuracy, we will communicate with you. Expect the initial communications notifying of the event to be brief. We will send updates, follow-up procedures, or a resolution as necessary. Communications will be sent to the families and staff of the affected school.

b.        Text, phone call, email, and the district’s website will be the primary means of official District communications in an emergency situation. Text and phone call may only be used for initial notifications. Expect updates and any further communications regarding the crisis to be via email and our website.

c.        Please avoid calling the school’s office. This can put office staff in danger if in a lockdown and can clog the lines for crucial emergency communications with office staff. Staff are instructed not to answer the phones during a crisis so they can focus on their safety, the safety of those around them, and managing the crisis.

Get Facts from The Official Source

a.        You can help prevent rumors by waiting to receive official communications and updates from the District. We know that students will always get to you faster than we will, even with our mass communications. Understand that information shared from students and unofficial personnel may not be complete, verified, and accurate.

Avoid the School Area

a.        Avoid the campus area unless instructed. We do not want you to be in danger, potentially causing a secondary scene, and this will ensure first responders and district administration have quick access to the campus.

b.        We will not be able to assist families immediately. The campus will be locked down (unless evacuating) and all staff have predetermined duties to verify the whereabouts of every individual and ensure their safety on campus. Staff cannot safely check out individual students while assisting with managing the crisis. Reunification or check-out plans will be released when safe to do so.