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Real Estate Agent Information

If you’re real estate agent selling homes in the Putnam City area, please check the links below to find information for new and prospective Putnam City families.

Putnam City Fact Sheet

Since 1914 Putnam City Schools has been known for excellence in education. Our students benefit from innovative programs taught by dedicated, passionate and experienced educators. Many of our schools and educators have won state and national awards. Click here to learn more about Putnam City.

School Websites

You can link to the website of each and every Putnam City school by visiting this page.

School Tours for Real Estate Agents

If you would like to learn more about specific Putnam City schools, this page provides an opportunity for you to request a tour. You’ll get to meet the principal, walk the halls, ask questions and get a feel for the school and its students and teachers. Just fill out the brief online form and click submit. You’ll be contacted shortly to arrange a date and time for your tour.

School Tours for Families

If you’re moving into the Putnam City area and want a chance to visit a specific school, meet with the principal and learn what the school has to offer, just fill out this short online form and click submit. You’ll be contacted shortly to arrange a tour of the school or schools you are interested in.

Presentations for Real Estate Offices

If you and your colleagues would like a presentation about Putnam City Schools made to your real estate office, please contact:

Jeff Bardach
Director of Communications
Putnam City Schools
(405) 495-5200, x1204

Key Communicator Group

Putnam City is interested in developing a key communicator group made up of area real estate agents. The intent is good two-way communication. When such a group is created, the district will share information about district events, happenings, awards and more. Real estate agents can share information with the district regarding the real estate market, home buyers, perception of schools and ways the district can better inform its community. There would be occasional meetings, but much of the work will be done via email. If you are interested in being part of the group, please click here.