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Bus Discipline Action Plan

The discipline steps listed below are the ones normally followed to correct inappropriate behavior. However, steps may be altered if the behavior requires a more severe disciplinary action.

For minor disruptive misbehavior such as safety violations, name-calling, eating/drinking on the bus, noise distractions, or other inappropriate behavior, the driver/district staff will do the following:

1st Offense: Provide verbal warning by the driver.

2nd Offense: The driver may reassign the student to an assigned seat. Student will be informed how long they will be in the assigned seat. A parent contact form may be filled out by the driver and given to the student for a parent/guardian to sign and return.

3rd Offense: The Transportation Office will call the parent/guardian, conference with the student at school or by phone, conference with the Principal or other School Staff, review the bus video, or a combination of the above. Disciplinary actions may include bus suspension or other appropriate disciplinary actions. Parent/guardian will be notified of all bus suspensions.

4th Offense: The above procedures will be followed with disciplinary actions that may include a five day or longer bus suspension. Parent/guardian contact will be made.

5th Offense: A recommendation for the termination of bus-riding privileges may be made to the parent/guardian and school.

Major Behavior Problems

Behaviors including, yet not limited to fighting, vandalism, throwing objects in the bus or out bus windows, profanity or obscene gestures, disrespect toward the driver or other students, and any other distractions or disruptions to a driver can affect student safety and bypass the steps listed above and result in bus suspension or termination.