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AB High School Bus Routes

There are two simple ways to learn about the school bus routes that serve your child.

  1. Putnam City Schools has new and easy way to learn about the school bus route that serves your child. We've linked to a special page where you can see information about where and approximately when your child will get on the bus in the morning and off the bus in the afternoon. The times given are computer-estimated and we encourage students be at their bus stops 5 minutes prior to the time given here. When you get to this Versatrans page, you'll be asked to fill in two fields: user name and password. Use your student's ID number for user name. Use your student's date of birth for the password in the following format 'DDMMYYYY.'
  2. All bus routes are listed below. Just click on the school your child attends and then find the route that serves your area. We encourage students to be at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to the time given here. 

For more information, contact the district's Transportation Department at (405) 789-3244.