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Putnam City Launches Largest District Wide K-12 Esports Program in the State

The launch of esports at all three Putnam City high schools forms the largest district wide esports program in Oklahoma K-12 schools. Putnam City students are gearing up for the anticipated OCU Esports River Rumble in downtown Oklahoma City this weekend.  Putnam City students are practicing at their new state-of-the-art facilities at each site, and they will play live this weekend in an unprecedented event.  

Esports is a growing part of academics as colleges and universities are granting scholarships for esports.  Esports also offers a team sport experience for students who might not be physically able to participate in other sports. Students who participate individually at home can now use those skills in a team setting, building social bonds, community, and school spirit.

“Putnam City welcomes this opportunity for these students to shine. Our esports program will bring together students with great talents in a virtual world to work as a team to compete on a world stage. We are excited about the possibilities for this new realm of competition and the scholarship opportunities it holds,” said Cory Boggs, Executive Director, Information Technologies at Putnam City Schools.

Esports facts:

• Eligibility requirements are in effect for esports.  Students must maintain grades and attendance to compete. Students must also follow a Student Code of Conduct.

• Several games are offered: Clash Royale, Madden 2020, Rocket League, Super Smash Brothers, and League of Legends.

• Putnam City Schools is part of the OESL (Oklahoma eSports League)