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Once your application has been processed you will be contacted by the coordinator for Putnam City Schools or you school counselor to complete your enrollment into Putnam City School’s virtual program.   All high school students must contact their high school counselor and schedule a meeting with their counselor to complete a credit check and course placement for virtual courses.  After completion of course selections with your counselor or with the district coordinator students will then be enrolled with Edgenuity.

Enrollment into Edgenuity takes 24 hours to process and course placement may take up to 3 days.


Log-in Information

Within 24 hours of enrollment, a username and password for both the Learning Coach and Student will be sent to the email address provided on the Putnam City Virtual application.  If there is ever a change with the email address, please contact the Putnam City Virtual office.



Once the Student and Learning Coach each receive their usernames, they will be required to log into the Edgenuity system and complete the orientation listed on the screen.  This orientation will teach both how to maneuver through the program, as well as introduce them to system features.



Edgenuity courses and curriculum can be challenging and require discipline from both the student’s effort and through parental support.  Although Edgenuity teachers are exceptional, students attending school online do not have access to the one-one-one support that students in the traditional schools receive.  In addition, most of the online teachers require online portfolios and other projects to determine mastery of the objectives. Students with reading levels that are below-grade level may struggle with the curriculum and it is advised to collaborate with your child’s school to determine proper placement.


Individualized Education Programs

Due to the nature of online or virtual education, not all IEP modifications can be provided by Edgenuity teachers. Teachers cannot reduce the amount of work or the number of answer choices.  They can, however, allow for extra time to complete assignments.  Students with an IEP must request a meeting with the IEP team and special education teacher to complete a change of placement and IEP review.  If all team members agree that online curriculum will be educationally appropriate for the student, than the student may proceed with his or her enrollment into virtual school.


Flexible Time

The time a student spends working on coursework is flexible, but it is still required that students log in and complete work every school day.


Attendance Requirements

Students are required to log daily during the school week.  Students can expect to spend up to 6 hours per day working on coursework.  Late enrollees will most likely need to work longer hours in order to catch up.  Per Putnam City Attendance Policy and Oklahoma state law, students will be dropped immediately following a 10 consecutive absences from virtual school. They will be referred to their regular school site for re-enrollment.


Learning Coach Responsibilities

The Learning Coach is responsible for logging the student's attendance on a DAILY basis. The Learning Coach must also ensure that students are progressing in their coursework and maintaining passing grades.  If the student is struggling with the coursework, it is the Learning Coach's responsibility to make sure the online teacher is contacted.

It is also the Learning Coach's responsibility to check their webmail (described below) EVERY DAY.  Important information will often be communicated with this system.



One of the Edgenuity features is communication through email.  Email should be used by Learning Coaches and students to communicate with the Edgenuity teachers, Edgenuity Program manager and the Putnam City Virtual Coordinator.  Your email should be checked daily for important information.  Parents and/or students are expected to return phone calls and emails to Edgenuity teachers.  


Edgenuity Teachers

The Edgenuity teachers are very helpful and supportive. They go above and beyond to help students succeed in virtual learning.  It is important that students and learning coaches communicate regularly with their teachers.  Communication with the teachers is key!  If a student is struggling, the first thing they should do is contact their teacher.


Technical Support

Issues with the Edgenuity program must be resolved by the Technical Support Team (1- 888-399-4267).


Required District and State Tests

Students must take all District and State required assessments at the Putnam City School which you live within the boundaries.