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PreK Assignments


Putnam City Schools has completed the Pre-K Lottery for 2020-2021.  The drawing for each category and site was random using a random generator program to remain impartial and fair for all. 

How do I know if my child was selected for Pre-K?

Each school has a list of numbers displaying those who have received a seat for each site. If a site had any matching lottery numbers, a student’s initials will follow the number. 

What happens after the draw? 

Letters will be mailed out to all parents/guardians for the students who have been drawn, along with instructions for proceeding with enrollment.

When can I enroll if my child was selected?

Enrollment forms will be mailed to each family and you will be required to return your child’s enrollment between May 28th and June 12th to the Enrollment Office at 5604 NW 41st St.

What if my child was not drawn?

Any child who didn’t get drawn for a seat may return to the Enrollment Office on June 15th to enroll for any other open seat available at an alternative site.

Additional questions may be addressed by calling the Enrollment Office at (405)491-7631.   

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