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4-year-old Program Information


The lottery for the 2021-2022 school year has closed.

See what our students are learning in the PC Pre-K video!


How do I register my child for Pre-K?

Parents/guardians may register online starting March 22nd. Those who do not have internet may complete a registration form at the District Enrollment Office.  Online registration is preferred.  The Enrollment Office will be open from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday.

When may I register my child for Pre-K?

Registration will open March 22nd and remain open until April 9th .  All registration will end on April 9th.  

When will I know if my child was drawn for a Pre-K spot at one of my choices?

Students drawn for a seat in Pre-K will be posted on our website on or after April 15th.  Lottery numbers will be posted, so parents will need to record their lottery number for the verification of a seat.  

How do I complete enrollment if my child’s lottery number is chosen?

After April 15th,  parents/guardians will receive an email and/or a letter in the mail to inform the parent/guardian of the instructions to finalize their student’s enrollment.  This letter will also include a specific code to finalize enrollment which will be online.  The email and letter will provide the website needed to complete enrollment. 

What if my child doesn’t get selected for the drawing or if I missed registration?

If your child wasn’t selected for a seat through the Pre-K drawing, you may still be eligible for any remaining open seat at your child’s school or another site, if available.  Open enrollment for any remaining and available seats will begin June 1st at the District Enrollment Office located at 5604 NW 41st St.        

How are enrollments prioritized?

All Putnam City Schools staff will have first priority for Pre-K placement.  The drawing for the remaining seats will take place in 3 rounds. 

  • Round 1 will be for students who live in the school’s attendance area and have a sibling already enrolled in the school.  Siblings of the Pre-K student must all reside in the same household and attending the same school to qualify for sibling status priority.
  • Round 2 will be for students who live in the school’s attendance area with no sibling at the school.
  • Round 3 will be for all other students who live in the Putnam City School District