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In Their Words: Why Teachers Teach in Putnam City

Every school and every school district has its own culture. There's a feeling in the air, a common understanding about why people are there, how they go about their jobs and what their aspirations are. Here's what teachers say about teaching in Putnam City.

“The family of teachers, administrators and support staff at my school make it a special place for children every single day. I’ve never worked in a building that is so uplifting and encouraging. If you want a teaching home, here’s my advice: Come to Putnam City to be uplifted, come to be challenged, come to be supported, come to get better, come to have some fun, and come to change lives in the best district in this state.”
—Katie Kinder, Kenneth Cooper Middle School

“In all the ways that mean the most to teachers, Putnam City is different. As teachers we’re supported in ways I haven’t heard about from talking to friends and acquaintances in other districts. We’re progressive. We get the training we need. We have high standards. All of that is accompanied by a collaborative culture and a family atmosphere. Putnam City is an enjoyable, rewarding place in which to teach.”
—Ronnie Osborne, Putnam City West High School

“I am so proud to call James L. Dennis Elementary School and Putnam City my home. Our principal is wonderful because she trusts and values her teachers. Our innovative teachers give everything they have to their students, and yet are willing in an instant to give their time to help a fellow teacher. Our parent support is second to none. Across the district Putnam City offers endless opportunities for students to excel, and each year we continue the tradition of graduating students who go on to make the world a better place. I can’t imagine a better place to be a teacher.”
—Whitney Armstrong, James L. Dennis Elementary School



“I love working at my school because the teachers I work with are intensely dedicated to helping our students succeed. Putnam City is an amazing, purposeful district, a place of family, community and heart.”
—Candy Nunez, Apollo Elementary School

"For teachers there is no better place than Putnam City to explore, grow, and find confidence in their passion. The people in the district, from the administration building to classroom teachers, are progressive and encourage new ideas. The professional development offered by the district is amazing and targets teacher needs. Putnam City is an innovative district that gives teachers the tools they need to succeed. It’s a district that is driven by one common goal: Do what’s best for kids.”
—Sara Camp, Windsor Hills Elementary School    

"One of the reasons I like Putnam City is the attention to technology. Like my colleagues, I’ve been trained to use and apply technology in my classroom. I like that kind of support for professional development. Putnam City wants its teachers to be cutting-edge in the areas of educational research and its application to student learning. Because of that, I’m surrounded by educators who are equipped to meet the challenges of being a classroom teacher."
—Randy Utt, James L. Dennis Elementary School

"I wake up every day excited to go to work. My students are special, almost a part of my family. My fellow teachers are more than colleagues; they’re lifelong friends and people who share a passion for working with young children and helping them succeed. I know our school administrators support us, and the district makes sure we are prepared and equipped for the job we do. It’s the best situation a teacher could have."
— Brett Payne, Tulakes Elementary School