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On Tuesday, March 26, Putnam City Schools will host its annual teacher job fair.

If you wish to teach in one of Oklahoma's premier school districts, Putnam City’s job fair is a great opportunity. Each year, a high percentage of our new teachers are people we talked to at our job fair. Prospective teachers are always interested in Putnam City’s extensive support for new teachers, outstanding professional development, high salaries and good benefits. Come check us out!

What Can You Expect at the Job Fair?

Putnam City’s job fair is structured to make it a valuable experience for people interested in teaching in the district.

Putnam City's job fair is held at the spacious Francis Tuttle Reno campus at 7301 W. Reno. Inside, each district school will have a table where you can talk to school administrators and teachers. Schools will have lists of known openings. You’ll be able to meet with representatives from the specific schools you’re interested in and as many schools as you wish and have time for. There will be additional tables where you can learn more about district salaries, benefits and the kind of help that will be available to you as a new teacher. What you hear and see at the job fair will open a window for you into the culture of each school and give you a good idea of where you fit.

What About Your Resume?

When you fill out your online job application you'll have the option to attach your resume in digital form. For the teacher job fair, though, be sure to bring copies to give to principals you talk with.

Job Interviews

Putnam City’s job fair is more than a handshake and a hello. School administrators will conduct interviews of some prospective teachers right at the job fair. They may also schedule interviews with other candidates in the days following the job fair, and they will of course keep their own file of people to call if additional teaching positions open up. Some hiring will happen right on the spot!

Check for Openings

Before and after the job fair be sure to check this website each day for new job openings. As soon as you see a position for which you qualify, submit your application. It will then become available not only to the principal at that school, but to principals at other schools who may at some point have similar openings.


Time, Date and Place

Putnam City's Teacher Job Fair will take place from 2 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, in the main building at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center Reno Campus, 7301 W. Reno. That’s on Reno west of Rockwell.


If you have questions about the job fair, please read through the job fair area of this website or call our Human Capital Department at (405) 495-5200, ext. 1231.