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Technical Services

The mission of the Technical Service department is to assist teachers and students in the educational process by providing support and maintenance for all network, telecommunications, computer, computer-related devices, and software. 

Supporting these devices is done via remote and on-site support. The department realizes how critical these systems are and works to address needs as quickly as possible, as these systems provide everything from grading and daily attendance, instruction, online testing, school lunch service, library services, and all business needs. Technology permeates all aspects of school life and when it is not available, it is the responsibility of Putnam City Schools Technical Services department to provide a quick resolution.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Hardware and software implementations 
  • Technical support for over 10,000 computers
  • Technical support for over 23,000 iPads
  • District webservers 
  • Telephone and Voice over IP system (2,100+ phones) 
  • Network Printers (500+ network printers) 
  • Switches and network infrastructure (900+ switches) 
  • Wireless Connectivity (1600+ Access Points) 
  • Projectors 
  • Servers and District Storage (150+ Physical and Virtual Servers) 
  • Camera and Security Systems (50+ Servers) 
  • Network Cabling 
  • Technology Help Desk

Along with projects, the staff responds to over 5,000 work orders per year. 

Jared Juel

Director of Technical Services
Phone: (405) 495-5200, ext. 1700