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Secret Witness Program

Secret Witness Hotline

In 1993 Campus Police installed a "secret witness hotline." The hotline is functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for students to call and report criminal activity, violations of school policy. bullying or other incident that occurred or might occur on campus. The number is posted on every entrance door at all schools and is included in the student handbooks. The information obtained from the hotline is used by Campus Police and school administrators to help keep students and staff safe.

The number for the secret witness hotline is (405) 787-1919.

Secret Witness E-mail

Because some people prefer to send an e-mail rather than make a phone call, Campus Police also makes it possible for students or parents to report concerns by filling out a form and submit it online. The purpose is the same as the hotline: to report any criminal activity, violation of school policy or other incident that occurred or might occur on a school campus.

To report such concerns online, click here. If an email window does not open, please use your own email program and send your note to

Send a Text to Secret Witness Program

If you prefer to send a text to report your concern, send it to