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A Campus Police officer in a school hallway

The Putnam City school district covers an area of approximately 42 square miles, serving families in Warr Acres, Bethany and the northwest side of Oklahoma City. The district has 32 buildings spread out across the district, including 18 elementary schools, five middle schools, and three traditional high schools and one alternative high school. The Putnam City Campus Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency on all district properties.

Concurrent Jurisdiction

The Putnam City Campus Police Department has concurrent jurisdiction agreements with all three municipalities within the district. This means that officers from the three municipalities have the authority to come onto school property and function as law enforcement officers.

Extended Jurisdiction

The Putnam City Campus Police Department has extended jurisdiction with all three of the municipalities located within the district: Bethany, Warr Acres and Oklahoma City. These agreements allow Campus Police officers to function as law enforcement officers on all connecting streets and adjacent property to the schools. The extended jurisdiction helps maintain a safe zone around the schools.