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Return to Learn

Updated 3/24/21

Putnam City Schools Return to Learn plan has been updated many times this year as we all learned that fluidity is key while living in a pandemic.  Much consideration and planning have been put into the final phase of Return to Learn. The opportunity for fully vaccinated faculty and staff, the beginning of installation of new air quality technology, and the advisement of the OKC-County Health Department were taken into consideration as the course was mapped out for the end of the year. For these reasons, Putnam City Schools will continue an A/B schedule until beginning a new plan on April 5th.  On that date, all students will return to in-person learning four days a week. Students will attend in-person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday beginning April 5th. Wednesday will remain a remote learning day for students through the end of the school year. On Wednesdays, teachers will be in the buildings creating online content for quarantined students to use in the week ahead. Wednesdays will also be utilized for state testing days for Putnam City at Home students. When students begin four days a week, the current mask mandate remains in place along with utilizing good hand hygiene practices.

The much-anticipated return of students will be a positive note to end this historic year. Students will be meeting half of their classmates that they have only known through a computer screen until now. In addition to the return to in-person four days a week, we also look forward to launching a robust summer school program at Putnam City. This year’s curriculum will focus on being outside the box and hands-on so that students and devices can recharge. In addition to academics, this year’s summer school will also feature mental health offerings. District administration understands the toll that this pandemic has taken on student’s mental health, and we want to provide resources and tools for students in this area. Details regarding the revamped summer school program are coming soon. Mark your calendars now; the summer fun will begin in June!

We thank our faculty, staff, and parents. This year has been a journey, and we have all been partners in education in news ways. We will be ready to begin the next chapter April 5th.