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Distance Learning

Due to heightened COVID-19 numbers, Putnam City Schools will be in Distance Learning through December 18th.  As we look toward 2021, Putnam City Schools is planning the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year with an intent to return to an A/B schedule and a goal to transition to five days a week, in-person learning.  PCS is developing a plan that will allow a return to the classroom with specific protocol that protects students' and employees' health by analyzing site-specific data and customizing actions based on individual school and classroom conditions.

Debido al aumento de los números de COVID-19, las escuelas de la ciudad de Putnam estarán en aprendizaje a distancia hasta el 18 de diciembre.  Mientras miramos hacia 2021, las escuelas de la Ciudad de Putnam están planeando el segundo semestre del año escolar 2020-2021 con la intención de volver a un horario A / B y una meta de transición a cinco días a la semana, a aprendizaje en persona.  Las escuelas de la Ciudad de Putnam está desarrollando un plan que permitirá el regreso al aula con un protocolo específico que protege la salud de los estudiantes y empleados mediante el análisis de datos específicos del sitio y la personalización de acciones basadas en las condiciones individuales de la escuela y el aula.

Putnam City has announced a transition plan for Return to Learn that begins October 26, 2020.

Read the English version here.

Read the Spanish version here.



A Day in the Life of a Secondary Student (Middle & High School) -English
A Day in the Life of a Secondary Student (Middle & High School) -Spanish
A Day in the Life of a 3rd-5th Grader -English
A Day in the Life of a 3rd-5th Grader -Spanish
A Day in the Life of a Pre-K -2nd Grader -English
A Day in the Life of a Pre-K -2nd Grader -Spanish


Distance Learning

Putnam City Schools traditional learning will begin as Distance Learning on the first day of school, August 27th.  Students enrolled in traditional learning will begin learning in the Distance Learning format for the first nine weeks.  Distance Learning will be re-evaluated at the midway point of the first nine weeks. The PC Distance Learning format has been redesigned since last school year’s mandated closure. Below are a few enhancements that will create a more interactive experience for both students and teachers during PC Distance Learning.

  • Putnam City teacher-led instruction
  • Putnam City teacher-driven lessons
  • Interactive experience with teachers and students
  • Device provided 
  • Materials Used: District device, Board-adopted curriculum, focused on grade level standards utilizing District Pacing Guides
  • Daily lessons by Putnam City teachers
  • Graded assignments
  • Attendance taken daily
  • Ongoing assessments
  • Curbside library services, books available to students


Putnam City Schools is a one-to-one technology district.  The 2020 Bond created the funds to provide devices to all students. Those devices will be available to all students.  Each student in Putnam City Schools will have a device assigned to them. A district device check-out plan for a contact-free way to pick-up your child’s device will be released at a later date.  Each student will have a district device.


There are many options for internet accessibility for Putnam City families.  If a family does not have home internet service, local areas are available.  Other resources for home connectivity are also available at

If your family has been approved for Free or Reduced Lunch, other resources are available for internet connectivity based on that service. More information on these qualifying programs is listed at the web address under Internet Connectivity.  It is important for all parents to review the Free and Reduced Lunch information at


If you have not enrolled, please do so as soon as possible.  Enrollment is online now for all new and returning students at

Please contact the Enrollment Office at or call 491-7631 for questions concerning enrollment.  The Enrollment Office is open Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00pm.  


Information about extra-curricular activities is here.

From the Board

“We are living in a time of uncertainty, and as a parent of a child with special needs in Putnam City Schools, I would love for my child to be able to go back to school and get the one-on-one attention that she needs to be able to develop both emotionally and socially.  However, during this time of uncertainty, I feel that it is in the best interest of all students and staff to go to Distance Learning and do our best to make sure everyone’s needs are met.”

– Charity Avery, Board Member

“The Putnam City Administrators led by Dr. Fred Rhodes have worked many long hours to put this plan into action.  It is, at this time, the best path for our students and for our teachers.”

-Gail LoPresto, Board Member

“Dr. Rhodes and our administrative team have worked tirelessly during the summer months to develop a distance learning model that will allow robust learning to take place for all Putnam City learners, should circumstances call for it. While supporting their decision, I do realize the hardship this puts on our families, including mine, however the safety of our students, teachers and staff are of the utmost importance.  I appreciate the public’s understanding during these difficult times.”  

-Cindy Gibbs, Board President

“I want nothing more than to return to a sense of normalcy.  I believe the best education for students is one taught by teachers in classrooms, but last spring when hit with a pandemic, we provided our superintendent with the trust to lead our district through this difficult time.  Based on recent trends, data, and guidance by our State Board of Education, it’s clear we are not back to a sense of normal.  I continue to support our PC administration and their decisions to find the best way to deliver education to our students in the most effective and safest manner.  I hope we continue to stay agile and work towards getting our kids back in classes and back with the teachers that work so hard on their behalf.”

-Jay Sherrill, Board Vice President