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College Readiness, Career Tech, and Francis Tuttle

Individual Career Academic Plan

About ICAP

The Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP) is a document that will guide students through their coursework and activities with the purpose of achieving personal career goals.  The ICAP is a multi-year process that, with the support of the school as well as the family, encourages the student to develop the awareness, knowledge, attitude and skills to create their own meaningful and powerful pathways to be career and college ready (Oklahoma Career Tech). 
ICAP starts with a student interest inventory.  Using online questionnaires, students will identify their interests, as well as in which areas their existing skills lie and the type of work environment they enjoy.  All of this information helps guide students to discover different career paths.



Parents’ Corner

How can you help your student with Career Exploration?
  • Demonstrate active interest and support of ICAP
  • With your student, complete an online ICAP
  • Encourage and influence your student’s interests and abilities

Visit the OSDE's website for more information on ICAP

Career Tech

Career Tech

Putnam City Schools is proud of their partnership with Oklahoma’s Career Tech System to provide career and academic guidance to its students.  

For more than 100 years, Oklahoma’s system of career and technology education has focused on improving Oklahoma’s economy by offering individuals the training and skills necessary to be successful in the workplace and providing companies with the required workforce necessary to compete globally.

Francis Tuttle

Francis Tuttle

At Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Putnam City students have more than 30 choices for classes, with college credit available in almost all of them, and it’s all tuition-free. Why else should you be interested in career training programs at Francis Tuttle? 



Career areas for which training is offered range from cosmetology to welding, information technology to culinary arts, and advanced health sciences to automotive service technology. There are so many choices available, it’s a sure bet that Francis Tuttle has a program that can fit your plan, whether you’re already set on a career path or are just starting to explore. 

It’s Free 

For Putnam City students, career training programs are tuition-free. And, with the Next Step Tuition Waiver Scholarship, graduates may be eligible for tuition-free training after high school. 


Training at Francis Tuttle is offered in two different sessions, morning or afternoon. Most students qualify to attend Francis Tuttle during their junior and/or senior years. The Pre-engineering, Biosciences, Medicine and Computer Science Academies , however, encourage students to attend during their sophomore year, too. 



Francis Tuttle has three campuses:
• Rockwell and 127th 
• Reno and Rockwell 
• Portland and 150th 

More Information

To learn more about Francis Tuttle:
• Visit any Francis Tuttle campus 
• Talk to a career advisor by calling 717-4900 
• Visit