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Putnam City’s Torch of Knowledge is a symbol of the State’s premier District with a rich heritage in providing a top-quality education. Beginning in 1914, Putnam City is the State’s first and largest comprehensive, consolidated school district; known legally as “Independent School District No. 1 of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma (55-I-001)." The torch makes a profound statement about the District’s past but emphasizes that the District is moving forward, going boldly into the future as an innovative district, providing an excellent education in a diverse culture by preparing students to be self-navigating critical thinkers for life.

The symbol of a torch is a classic symbol of knowledge, which starts from an innovative mind, with a spark of passion, to creatively enlighten others. The torch is also symbolic of a winning team, working together to be first, to win the race. The base of the torch as a pen symbolizes the power of ideas transforming vision to reality. The light of the flame, bursting forth from the pen, symbolizes a lifelong passion for learning and hope for the future as a pathfinder, explorer, trailblazer and trendsetter.

Where do we see the torch?  We see the torch as a sign of unity at the Olympics, bringing together cultures from all over the world. We see the torch engraved at the New York City library representing enlightenment and knowledge. We see the torch in the hands of the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of unity. Where do we see the torch? We see it in you.

When faced with a challenge, teachers find a way to meet it. It’s the way of teachers from decades ago to teachers during the pandemic, and to teachers whose careers have spanned both.  Teachers lead the way for the next generation with their courage, knowledge, and grit. Where ever teachers are asked to lead students…into third grade reading tests, into a state championship, or into an AP test, Putnam City teachers don’t just go, they “Go Boldly!”