Parent Education Program young child playing with toy

Putnam City's Parent Education Program is a free program for families with young children. It’s based on the belief that parents are their child’s first and most influential teacher. Putnam City Schools participates in this program to help parents in the district give their child the best start in life.

The Parent Education Program is designed to provide parents an opportunity to enhance their child’s language abilities, intelligence, social and emotional abilities and physical abilities. Our trained and certified parent educators take the most current, reliable research in the areas of child development and neuroscience and turn it into when, what, how and why advice for parents. Parents are offered practical ways to encourage learning, manage challenging behavior and promote strong parent-child relationships.

The Parent Education Program includes home visits, child development screening and a resource center stocked with toys, children’s books and parenting books you may check out. The program is voluntary and free for all families living in the Putnam City Schools district who have children under age 3. Prenatal visits are also available.

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