Individuals of Indian descent are defined as follows: (a) a person who is a member of a tribe, band or other organized group of Indians including those tribes, band or groups terminated since 1940 and those recognized now or in the future by the state in which they reside or; (b) a person who has a parent(s) or grandparents(s) who is a member(s) of a tribe or; a person who is considered by the Secretary of the Interior to be of Indian descent for any purpose or; (d) is an Eskimo, Aleut, or other Alaskan Native.
(Public Law 92-318)

Title VI eligibility is not based on degree of Indian blood; however, some form of Tribal documentation is required. Should you have any questions regarding the requirements, contact the Department of Indian Education.

Johnson O’Malley eligibility requires the student be ¼ or more degree Indian or an enrolled member of a tribe. The student must have their own Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) card on file in our office. The only exceptions are those students belonging to tribes who base their tribal eligibility on descendency instead of degree of Indian blood.