Staffing of School Clinics

Registered nurses staff the high school and middle school clinics plus Lake Park Elementary School and Will Rogers Elementary School. All of the high school nurses work full time in the schools they are assigned. The middles school nurses are responsible for their school’s clinic plus one or more elementary schools clinics. Two other full-time nurses travel between the remaining elementary school clinics supervising the trained health aides in these clinics.

All of the nurses have degrees in nursing or another field. Many also have master’s degrees. Nine of the nurses are certified CPR/AED/First Aid instructors for the American Heart Association. All of the nurses are also certified vision screeners. All are members of the School Nurse Organization of Oklahoma and the National Association of School Nurses.

The elementary health aides are supervised by school nurses who visit their clinics regularly or are in direct communication with them as needed. These health aides are also full time employees and are CPR/AED/ First Aid certified through the either the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. They have additional training in medication administration and the care of students with diabetes.