Department of Buildings and Grounds

It has been proven that environment impacts education. In support of classroom teachers, the Buildings and Grounds Department is committed to providing the best environment possible for learning to take place. We are responsible for a broad range of facility services including housekeeping, lighting, grounds and athletic field care, handyman services, flooring care/replacement and asset transfer/distribution services. We have an outstanding staff that demonstrates a commitment to "better facilities; better education." Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, comfortable, functional and attractive environment.

The department is also committed to the community. Our stewardship of the taxpayer funds demands that we be efficient in providing a good return on that investment. We will, without losing focus on the students, maintain a managerial approach that satisfies the most-respected business practices.

Our efforts will reflect evidence of the quality that Putnam City Schools embodies. Our schools will be properties that not only our employees and students can be proud of, but that the surrounding community will be enhanced by their proximity.

Our staff is empowered to assist wherever necessary. We intend to be the department that provides solutions when others cannot. We welcome your visit to this site and welcome your questions and input.

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Buildings and Grounds Mission Statement
To provide our community with world-class educational facilities.