Elementary Schools

As a parent you may wonder what your child will learn in Putnam City elementary schools. This section is designed to answer such questions.

Oklahoma’s Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS)
his section contains information on Oklahoma’s Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS), a set of school academic standards covering all areas of a student’s growth: language, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts. Putnam City schools, like all Oklahoma public schools, follow the standards set out in PASS.

Elementary Curriculum Maps
In this section you'll find curriculum maps. Curriculum maps take state academic standards and put them in a format that makes it clear how students will reach mastery in each content area.

Elementary Report Cards
Finally, you'll also find a section here on Putnam City's elementary report cards. Putnam City's report cards for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 4 are designed to simply, clearly and comprehensively tell parents how their children are doing in school. Student mastery of each skill and concept is rated each quarter, giving parents a detailed report on their child's progress.

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