Online Meal Payment

Putnam City parents may pay for their children’s school lunches and breakfast with a Visa® or MasterCard® or debit or credit card through a district partnership with an online service known as

In addition to paying for meals, parents can use the site to set daily spending limits. check on their child's meal purchases and to ask for e-mail notification when their child’s account balance is low.

In order to keep the service free to the school district, parents who use the website to add money to their children’s meal accounts will pay a fee of $1.95 for each transaction. The fee covers the processing imposed by the credit card company, bank transfer fees and the cost of maintaining the secure website. There is no charge for parents to check their child’s account balances.

Parents who wish to set up online payment of school meals may register at

The registration verification process will require parents to know their child’s correct student ID number, birth date and school name. Use ZIP code 73122 to access Putnam City schools.

Parents without Internet access can call a toll-free number, 1 (800) 479-3531, to receive an application to pay by phone or fax.

Features of Online Meal Payment System

Parents of Putnam City students can manage and pay for their children’s school meals through a service known as Here are some of the features of the online service:

Add money to meal accounts – Parents can go online to add money to their children’s meal accounts. $1.95 for each transaction

Meal History – Parents can view a seven-day history of their children’s purchases. Free

Meal Control Settings – Parents can select “meals only” and/or “ala carte” meals for their children. Free

Spending Limit Settings – Parents can set daily and weekly spending limits for their children. Free

Low Balance E-mail Notification – Parents can receive e-mail notification when a child’s account balance is low. Free

Expired Credit Card Notification – Parents can receive email notification prior to credit card expiration. Free