Parent Portal

Putnam City’s Parent Portal gives parents of middle school and high school students the ability to view securely over the Internet their children’s classes, assignments, grades, attendance and other school information. Parents may also use Parent Portal settings to arrange to receive e-mail notifications about grades and attendance. Parent Portal also allows messages to and from teachers.

In an effort to enhance communication with parents/guardians, we have updated our Powerschool Parent Portal to a single sign on program.  This will allow parents/guardians with more than one child to access all of their children at one time with one login and password.

Accessing Parent Portal

To log in to Parent Portal, you must obtain an Access ID and Password for your student and create an account. To create your account, you may go to the Parent Portal by clicking here. Once you have created a Parent Portal account you may enter your username and password to log in. Instructions for creating an account and using Parent Portal are available in the Parent Portal User Guide and video.

Obtaining Access IDs and Passwords

To obtain an Access ID and password for your student, parents or guardians of students should bring a photo ID to the District Enrollment Office. A photo ID allows us to verify that you are who you say you are, thus protecting private student information. We ask that you keep your user name and password confidential.

The District Enrollment Office is located in the Putnam City Center at 5604 N.W. 41st. The entrance to the enrollment office is on the north side of the building and the parking lot is located across the street to the north. Signs near the street indicate the parking areas. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For More Information
To watch a short video overview demonstrating how to create a new parent or guardian account in Parent Portal, click here.

To access the Parent Portal User Guide, click here.

For other questions about Putnam City’s Parent Portal, please call (405) 491-7631.