Join Our Team. Be a Putnam City School Bus Driver.

For thousands of Putnam City children, every school day begins with a greeting from a bus driver. Join our team and be part of the driving force behind education.

  Come Work for Us
• Free CDL training

• $13.05 an hour starting salary for substitute drivers and for contract drivers
  with potential for higher rate of pay if driver has prior bus driving experience
• 20 to 25 hours beginning, can advance to full-time
• Extra hours available
• Summers and school holidays off
• Dedicated co-workers
• Opportunity to serve the community

Ideal For
• Active retirees
• College students
• Stay-at-home parents
• Anyone wanting to supplement their income

• At least 18 years of age
• Excellent driving record
• Pass a drug and background check
• Good communication skills

For more information, call Putnam City's Transportation Department at 789-3244. You may also get information and apply here.

What Drivers Say

    “I am currently in my 23rd year of driving a Putnam City school bus. I have owned and operated two successful businesses and I enjoyed both of them, but this is the best job I have ever been privileged to perform. I love working around kids and appreciate my responsibility to keep them safe.”
—Bob Olmstead 
    “I started driving a school bus for Putnam City 19 years ago. What I love most about my job is that I get to impact young lives in many ways and to be a bright spot in their days. It’s so rewarding. This is a great job and I cannot imagine doing anything different.”
—Janna Garner
    “I’ve been driving for Putnam City since 2003 and really enjoy the students on my bus. A bonus is seeing them years after they have graduated and started working or started a family. They haven’t forgotten me and of course I haven’t forgotten them. It makes me so proud to have been their bus driver!”
—Patricia Marzett
  “I enjoy this job. I like being outdoors and driving and the kids are a lot of fun. If no one else has told them to have a great day, they can be sure they will hear it from me. We are the last person they see before school and the first person they see after. When the kids come to the bus all excited to tell me something about their day, it makes me smile.”
—Patti James