State Testing 2014
The administration of the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT) takes place from April 10th to May 2 for students in grades 3-8. Depending on their grade level, students will take as few as two and as many as five OCCT exams over the course of the 17-day testing window. The OCCT tests are required of all students who are enrolled in an Oklahoma public school. The Oklahoma State Department of Education penalizes school districts that do not test 95 percent or more of their students on each and every administered OCCT test. You can see the state testing schedule here.

State Item Tryout Testing 2014
The Oklahoma State Department of Education wants parents to know that students will also take the new Oklahoma College and Career Readiness Assessments (OCCRA) tests during the Spring 2014 Item Tryout window that begins in late April and extends through May 20th. The new OCCRA assessments are designed to assess the Oklahoma Academic Standards in mathematics and English. The purpose of the Item Tryout is to determine the reliability and validity of each test item so as to determine its suitability for use in future assessment of students. No student will take more than one of the OCCRA tests during this Item Tryout window and the assessments themselves contain relatively fewer items than students would normally see during a state test. The OCCRA Assessments themselves do not count in any way for or against a student.

It is important for you to know that the Oklahoma State Department of Education will penalize school districts that do not test 95 percent of students on OCCRA Item Tryouts. As with OCCT tests, schools testing 90 percent or fewer of their enrolled students on any of the Item Tryout assessments will receive a grade of “F” as their overall school grade for the 2013-14 school year. There is not an “opt out” provision in the law that governs public school accountability and assessment.

You can view a practice version of the OCCRA Item Tryout assessments for yourself. Students, parents, teachers and administrators are encouraged to taking the OCCRA Item Tryout online practice test using a single username and password. Google Chrome is the recommended web browser to take the online version of the practice test. To access the Online Practice Test, go to https://oklahoma.measuredprogress.org/student
Student Login: practice
Password: oklahoma

If you have any questions concerning OCCT testing or the OCCRA Item Tryout, please contact the principal of your child’s school.

Other Testing Information

Supporting Your Children During State Testing
Many parents wonder how they can support their children before and during state testing time. You can find tips and advice here and here.

Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCT)

These state-mandated tests assess students' mastery of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS), Oklahoma’s legislatively mandated curriculum. The tests assess all students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. The tests measure student performance relative to the specific content and skills of PASS. For further information, please check www.sde.state.ok.us

Reading Sufficiency Tests
The Reading Sufficiency Act requires districts to assess students in grades K-3 in order to identify those who will need additional instruction to reach grade level expectations. Results of this testing are shared with parents and guardians.

End-of Instruction Tests
These tests are required by the state to assess student mastery of the OAS in higher grade levels. Students shall demonstrate mastery of the state academic content standards in the following subject areas in order to graduate from a public high school with a standard diploma: Algebra I, English II, and two of the following five: Algebra II, Biology I, English III, Geometry, and United States History. As with the other OCCT tests, the EOI tests are not timed. Students who do not attain at least a proficient score (as defined by the State Board of Education) on any end-of-instruction test shall be provided remediation and the opportunity to retake the test up to three times each calendar year until at least achieving a satisfactory score on the tests of Algebra I, English II and two of the tests required or an approved alternative test. 

EXPLORE (Pre-ACT for 8th-graders)

A program funded by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for all 8th graders, EXPLORE provides students with information needed to prepare for future academic and career success. It also provides a link to the PLAN test. This test is used to develop a student’s plan of study for high school. 

PLAN (Pre-ACT for 10th-graders)

A program funded by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education for all 10th graders, PLAN provides students with information needed to prepare for future academic and career success. It also provides an estimated range of the ACT Assessment composite scores. The results of the PLAN assessment provide schools with information for program evaluation, accreditation, guidance and student career planning. 

Home School/Non-accredited Placement
Placement tests may be administered to students who wish to enroll in Putnam City Schools and have been home schooled or have attended non-accredited schools. These tests may be used to determine credit-by-exam and placement in grade level and/or courses. 


Students who are English Language Learners are required to demonstrate proficiency and progress in English. The ACCESS test is required by the federal No Child Left Behind legislation and is administered in the spring. 

Qualifying Tests for Elementary and Middle School PEAK (Gifted/Talented Program)
A cognitive abilities test is administered annually to all 1st through 8th grade students. A total score on this test at or above the 97th percentile automatically qualifies a student for the gifted/talented program. 
Students may also qualify for the PEAK program by satisfactorily meeting various multi-criteria on our alternative scoring rubric.

Proficiency-based Promotion Tests
Proficiency-based promotion awards credit for students' knowledge in the core curriculum areas. Click here for more information.