2015-2016 A-F School Report Cards

Q: What grades did Putnam City schools receive?
A: Twenty-six district schools received report cards. One school received an A, 11 schools received B’s, 13 received C’s and one received a D. Links to report cards for each school are below. Sixteen out of 26 district schools improved their A-F score.

Much of each school's grade is based on student scores on state tests. Putnam City students made growth in state tests in 13 out of 24 areas tested and were at or above the state average in 16 of of 24 tested areas.

Q: What changes will schools make as a result of these grades?
A: Every school, even schools that receive high grades, can do better. At the same time, there’s not one answer, strategy or change that will transform every school. If there were, every school in Oklahoma would have an A. As a district we are committed to working together as a school community of teachers, administrators, parents and students to identify areas needing improvement and develop strategies to effectively address those needs. That’s why we have invested in tools to frequently monitor and assess student progress. That’s why we have specific improvement plans for each student in the district, customized for their needs and tailored to fill in gaps and strengthen areas that are weak. That’s why we use research-based teacher evaluations that give ongoing feedback related to abilities, professional growth and instructional practices.

Our district has been heavily involved with school improvement strategies. Because needs and conditions differ at each school, each school develops its own plan of improvement. Each year the principal and teachers at each school work together to develop a detailed improvement based on the school’s student achievement. They review student test data, look for areas that need additional focus and then develop extensive and specific plans to improve. We are confident that with guidance and support each school can effectively address individual student needs.

Q: What does the State Department of Education say about the A-F grades for schools?
A: In the past, Oklahoma's State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister has been quoted as calling the A-F system “not meaningful' and “too flawed to be useful.” In fact, by state law, this is the last year for report cards in this format.

Q: How can parents get more information about school grades and school improvement?
A: Usually questions from parents are about specific schools, and therefore the best place to get answers is from school principals. Our principals will be happy to share information about the report card and strategies for improvement.

Q: How can parents help?
A: Parent support is essential for students and schools to succeed. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure your child is in school every day. The most important reason for good attendance is that your child can’t learn if he or she isn’t in school. It’s also important to remember that in the state’s A-F grading system, elementary schools earn 10 bonus points for achieving an attendance rate of 94 percent or higher. That means student attendance makes a huge difference in the grade our school receives.
  • Make sure your child gets to school on time in the morning and is not checked out early in the afternoon.
  • Keep track of how your child is doing at school by being in touch with teachers.
  • Make sure your child has a time and place to do homework and make sure homework is more important than television, video games or other distractions.
  • Ask your child about homework and go over it with him or her.
  • Spend time reading with your children. Ask them questions about what they just read, and then have them summarize what they are reading to you.
  • Ask your child about school every day. When parents believe school is important and want to talk to their children about it, children understand it’s important.

A-F Report Cards


Apollo Elementary

Arbor Grove Elementary

Central Elementary

Coronado Heights Elementary

James L. Dennis Elementary

Ralph Downs Elementary

Harvest Hills Elementary

Hilldale Elementary

Kirkland Elementary

Lake Park Elementary

Northridge Elementary

Overholser Elementary

Rollingwood Elementary

Tulakes Elementary

Western Oaks Elementary

Wiley Post Elementary

Will Rogers Elementary

Windsor Hills Elementary

Middle Schools

Capps Middle School

Cooper Middle School

Hefner Middle School

Mayfield Middle School

Western Oaks Middle School

High Schools

Putnam City High School

Putnam City North High School

Putnam City West High School