The Silver Strings of Putnam City Schools

violin and bow

The Silver Strings of Putnam City is composed of musicians from Putnam City High School, Putnam City North High School and Putnam City West High School.

The group gave its first performance in 1989 with 18 members. The group currently has 65 members and regularly performs for banquets and civic organizations around the state. This group also volunteers its talent to the community by performing student playing a violinin hospitals and senior citizen centers.

Unlike a traditional orchestra, a strolling strings group is a company of musicians who stroll among the audience while performing. Even the cellos get into the "stroll" of things.

This program is a direct result of a well-balanced, fine-tuned orchestra program throughout the Putnam City school district. From fourth grade through high school, students study a sequential, districtwide curriculum. These fine musicians are a product of the public school music curriculum.

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