Notice of Public Sale
iPad 4th Generation Apple Model: MD510LL

  • Date of Release
    October 25, 2018

    Due Date
    November 5, 2018
    12:00 p.m.

    1.0 PURPOSE

    1.1 Putnam City Schools, also abbreviated as PCS for brevity, is requesting bids for surplus iPads.

    In using this method for solicitation, we are requesting your best effort in seeking the best value for our inventory. To be entitled for consideration, “sealed” proposals shall be presented in accordance with the instructions of this solicitation and within the timeframe specified. It shall be the responsibility of the selected vendor to adhere to all guidelines set forth herein. Putnam City Schools, at its discretion, determines the criteria and process whereby bids are evaluated and awarded. No damages shall be recoverable by any challenger as a result of these determinations or decisions by Putnam City Schools.


    2.1 Putnam City Schools is selling approximately 4000 iPad 4th generation iPads. Majority are wi-fi 16GB or greater. Majority are Apple model# MD510LL.

    2.2 All devices were purchased new directly from Apple. Devices will be wiped prior to sale and any device lock will be reset to factory settings ahead of sale.


    3.1 Potential bidders may schedule an inspection to review a sample of the products upon request.

    3.2 Bidders must accept all devices regardless of condition or actual model. Device count has been estimated by the district on inventory numbers. Actual number of devices received may vary slightly (+ or -). Final number of devices will be signed off by both parties at time of pickup.

    3.3 All devices will be erased and restored to factory settings. District will not release devices in DEP until full payment has been received by the district.

    3.4 Bid will be for all devices. Individual or smaller quantities offers will not be entertained.

    3.5 Winning bidder is expected to arrive on site, package, and transport devices. In the event devices found to have been damaged in transit, the district will receive an A rating on those devices.

    3.6 All device serial numbers will be on a report provided to the district showing what they have been graded. District may randomly photograph and evaluate iPads to compare and verify condition as presented.

    3.7 Any shipping and transportation costs must be included in pricing. Any packaging materials, if required, must be provided as part of the bid.

    3.8 Cases are included on most iPads.

    3.9 We anticipate most devices will come with a power cord and brick.


    4.1 Bidders must provide pricing based upon a grading rubric with a scale of A, B, C, D. We anticipate a majority of devices should be graded in the A-B range. Define and outline description of each grade in proposal.

    4.2 It is expected that “D graded” devices include devices that do not power on, frame is bent, glass is severely cracked, button(s) missing, or obstruction in the headphone jack. District may request back “D graded” devices for further inspection before accepting bid.

    4.3 Once a bid has been submitted, it may not be withdrawn without mutual consent.

    5.0 PROCESS

    5.1 Bidders must submit bid to Cory Boggs prior to November 5th at 12:00pm. Bids should be submitted via email to Confirmation of email will be sent upon opening.

    5.2 Bidders may contact Teresa Long at to schedule an inspection prior to submission of bid.

    5.3 Bidders must submit pricing based on A-D grades including definitions.

    5.4 Winning bidder will be notified within 1 week.

    5.5 Winning bidder will need to pick up all devices within 4 weeks after winning bid has been completed.

    5.6 Winning bidder may take possession of and evaluate all iPads, creating an inventory and assigning a grade to each. They will present the findings to the district. Upon accepting the findings, the district will receive payment and release the devices in DEP.

    Contacts for this Project

  • Cory Boggs, Executive Director Information Technology Services Office phone: (405) 495-5200 ext. 1296 Email:
  • Teresa Long, Inventory Management Information Technology Services Office phone: (405) 495-5200 ext. 1268 Email: