Safe Campuses

In an effort to keep our schools safe and free of drugs and weapons, several programs have been implemented by Campus Police.

Students, staff and visitors are well-informed about laws and rules in regard to drugs and weapons. Posters appear on all entrances to every building in the Putnam City School District. They are very specific in regards to the possession of weapons on school property, citing the Oklahoma State statute. (Title 21-1280.1) It also lists the different types of weapons as defined in the statutes. (Title 21-1272)

Large metal signs are placed near the main entrances of all our schools. They state that Putnam City Schools has no tolerance for weapons, drugs and violence at our schools. The signs also list the phone numbers for Campus Police and the secret witness hotline.

Secret Witness Hotline
In 1993 Campus Police installed a "secret witness hotline" for students or parents to use to report any criminal activity, violation of school policy or other incident that occurred or might occur on campus. The district also makes it possible to report such concerns online. For more information vist our
Secret Witness Program page.