Volunteeringmentor works with student

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
— Winston Churchill

Interested in Volunteering?
The volunteer who patiently helps a struggling sixth-grader solve a math problem may be the pivotal influence that sets that student on a course for a better future. The retired volunteer who reads to a young child may be the spark that ignites a love of reading. And the business volunteer who leads a tour of a workplace or teaches computer skills expands the classroom walls and prepares students for a world of possibilities.

You Can be a Volunteer in Putnam City Schools
All you have to do is decide you want to do it, make a commitment and we'll help train you and find a school that needs your skills.

Volunteers work with children and schools in many ways including tutoring students, reading to children, assisting in the classroom and library or helping the school nurse. They also support activities outside the classroom such as chaperoning field trips and helping initiate new programs in art and music.

For an hour a week or one day a month, your caring presence and high expectations for children can motivate them to achieve.

The first step is to call the principal at the school you are interested in serving. We'll get you started enriching the life of a child.