Gifted Program

Putnam City Schools is committed to providing opportunities to promote the growth of skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for students to reach their full potential and achieve their best possible outcomes. We recognize there are students with exceptional processing abilities and that these abilities create needs distinguishable from the general population of students. We are committed to addressing the differentiated cognitive and affective needs of gifted and talented students.


  • To relate content to major ideas concepts and themes
  • To provide students with opportunities to identify relationships across disciplines through such processes as critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and logic
  • To enable students to create new ideas and products by synthesizing current knowledge and transferring it to new situations and applications
  • To structure learning environments that address the unique needs of gifted and talented students and accommodate a variety of learning rates


  • Identify gifted and potentially gifted students
  • Assess the instructional level of identified students considering the unique learning needs of each child
  • Expand curriculum opportunities which allow students to move through curriculum with appropriate flexible pacing
  • Provide differentiated curriculum to meet unique needs and offer academic/social support
  • Appropriately match the programs and support services to the individual

To see the district's plan for gifted and talented students, click here.